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Decieving the Sky: Collective Experiments of Strategic Thinking


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Printed at 115 Legion “Deceiving the Sky is a collectively produced book, resource, and study guide on strategic thinking. Emerging from collective inquiry, it includes a wide variety of historical and contemporary texts on strategy. While the word strategy often evokes hierarchy, centralization, and a satellite’s-eye view of the world that conceives of humans as chess pieces, we felt it important to strengthen our own strategic reflexes as radicals. Against the statist conception of strategy, we believe it can be a lens, an orientation to the world that understands existence as a shifting array of forces, capacities, and intentions. Strategy can be molecular as much as it can be grand. This book is an attempt to build a new language that we can share together, to build our own collective capacity for strategic thinking, to become more powerful together.

Deceiving the Sky is designed as a tool for use, with original texts, introductory material, discussion notes and questions, and activities for engagement. The point is not to get lost in abstract theory, but to discover what is useful, and to discard the rest. This book can be used to organize a study group, to reference as a strategic playbook, or if nothing else, to roll up and use as a bludgeon.”

A pdf of the text can be found here:

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