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2023 Earthbound Farmers’ Almanac

$4.00 - $150.00

All proceeds from almanac sales go towards the Earthbound Farmers Almanac project. In addition to being exclusively available online here at Emergent Goods, the Almanacs that Lobelia Commons can afford to print find their way for free or for local fundraising to farmer's markets, bookfairs, infoshops, rural feed-stores, thrift shops, and community gardens around the US and internationally.

This is a farmer’s almanac for the end of a world and the beginning of many others.

The evolving crises all around us, and the attempts by the ultra-rich to flee the Earth entirely, make clear that none of the reigning institutions will make any effort toward our survival. But there are alternatives to the antics of hoarding preppers and consumerist gimmicks. As has always been so, reconsidering how we get our water, foods, and medicines will determine our ability to continually resist, subvert, and create.

The way forward, out of this mess, will mean charting a new course informed with ancestral knowledges developed through generations of struggle against land theft, exploitation, and enslavement. We will have to work together—constructing and re-constructing the ability to sustain and care for each other. This almanac is for developing the necessary knowledge, infrastructure and practices.

The old farmer’s almanac presented conventional wisdom. This almanac is a place for experimentation, for finding new forms and retrofitting old ones, for sharing stories of lived efforts toward a collective exit from this colonial nightmare, this separateness from the Earth.

Any additional donations would also help us to print more almanacs this year - send to @LobeliaCommons on venmo.

PDFs of all the Earthbound Almanacs can be found at earthbound.farm